10 essential skills to learn as a software developer 

We currently live in an age where everything has been computerized. Software development is the most significant element of the world today due to technological advancement and its importance or vital role in the business sector.  

The change is upon us, and there has been an increase in the developments we see in technology which will need more essential software developer skills. Software development has become more vital to virtually everything in the world, so improvements and innovations in software development have a notable impact on our daily lives. 

What are software developer skills?

Software developer skills are the specialized abilities a person acquires to create successful programs and applications.

They generally include using mathematical knowledge and ability for problem-solving to write source code, which is the arrangement of words and symbols that enables a program to function. Many software developers acquire these skills through obtaining a computer science degree program or certification courses.

Thinking of starting a career as a software developer, or in search of skills, you can learn to become a better developer? 

In this article, we will talk about some important technical skills you should have as a developer or if you are intending to become a good developer.

  1. Data Structure and Algorithms

If you want to become a programmer, then you have to understand Data Structure and Algorithms well, there is no escape. This is one of the important topics of any programming job interview, and without you knowing basic data structures, you will not be able to write a real-world application. 

   Data structures are various organizational procedures for storing information in a database, while algorithms illustrate the method needed to complete tasks.

This is one of the reasons every developer should put a serious passion into learning these skills. 

If you are a self-taught programmer, then you must have an understanding of these topics. Several programming certifications. courses, Academy and Bootcamp will teach you Data structure and algorithms as the first thing. Here are some courses you can take for intending developers:

  • Coursera’s Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization
  • Udemy’s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Masterclass
  1. Cloud Computing Skills 

 This is another great skill that I think every Software developer and Data Scientist should learn in 2022. Organizations of all sizes and spheres are now moving their environments into Cloud for cost-saving and better scalability, this means that you can’t work as a programmer without using cloud-native applications like AWS, GCP, or Microsoft Azure.

Clouds are described as the hardware and software needed to run a company’s remote database. Configuring this type of platform generally involves knowledge about coding languages and server management, which are familiar skills for software developers.

They are also necessary for all the development in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial intelligence. 

If you want to take one step ahead of your competitors, then cloud computing skill is what you need.

  1. Database knowledge

Databases are electronic systems that authorize individuals to organize and structure data, especially records for a company. 

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To be a software developer you must know how to dig for information, input new lines of data in a table format and update a system with new materials. These skills help you to know how to secure a database and backup data to protect a company’s information during any unpredictable occurrences. To operate a database, you have to learn a standardized source code called Structured Query Language (SQL). There are many other databases, like Oracle, Microsoft PostgreSQL, MySQL etc. but learning just one is enough. All that is required of you is that you should know how to insert/update/delete data and write SQL queries to retrieve it.

  1. Containers: Docker and Kubernetes

With the recent increase for software developers, I believe every programmer, data scientist, and software engineer should know about container tools like Docker and Kubernetes. Containers are the basis of new applications.

Studies have shown that containers like Docker not only assist developers to test their applications in a unified environment but also they facilitate the deployment process. While Kubernetes is used to run containers of several virtual or help you manage containers for you.

 If you want to improve your skill in 2022 or learn a new one, I advise you to learn Docker and Kubernetes, it will not only help in your current job but will also make you a great software developer because they are the most sought-after skill by companies of all sizes.

  1. Source Control

Source control is used to store code, and as a software developer, or intending to become one, you must know version control tools like Git and Github.

However, Git and Github have taken over the market, and over  70% of organizations use Git; hence you can get away by just learning Git. 

Source control allows each developer an alternative to working on the code separately and then merging their efforts into one version. Learning this skill will be helpful to teach how to use a type of source control system, as businesses often require software developers to work in teams on the same coding projects.

  1. Debugging skills

Another great skill you can learn is Debugging. This is a software development process which handles and removes errors in a program’s coding language. It includes running a program through specialized software to observe each error and using problem-solving skills to specify which part of a code caused it to occur.

 Several software developers debug their code and write it to a better stage to ensure it’s functional in the testing stage. It’s valuable to learn how to use debugging software so you can learn the basic techniques for removing errors and creating an effective process.

  1. Text editing software 

One of the essential tools for a software developer is the test editing tool. This tool can be used by non-programmers and anyone who works with computers.

There are different examples like the NotePad on Windows, Atom, Textmate, or advanced editors like Sublime and NotePad++. 

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Text editing software is a program that enables developers to develop and edit plain text.  They usually use text editing software to write the text and symbols needed for a coding language, as it permits them to change the code into another system and add formatting seamlessly. 

  1. Computer Networks

This can be defined as an interconnected computing device system. The world is in an era where everything is interconnected, and there is nowhere you go that you won’t find a computer network, right from your street to different places of people using WIFI across many devices to home,  school, offices and colleges which uses Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet.

As a software developer, most of the work you will be given will require you to write an application with a connected server, where the client-server will request you go through the network to a server. So that consumers can access your application from anywhere in the world. 

There are other various types like PAN(Personal Area Network),

MAN(Metropolitan Area Network) and WAN(Wide Area Network)

The most important part of these skills is that you know the networking basics on how to develop and support your application.

  1. Testing

Testing skills is one of the core skills of a software developer. It requires that before putting software on the market, a procedure or application must pass so many test cases. Testing is a crucial phase in finding out all types of issues and checking if the program is ready to send over to the client. A software developer understands these three techniques of testing.

  • Unit testing 
  • Integration testing 
  • System testing
  1. Coding/ Programming  languages

Lastly, you can’t become a software developer without learning at least one type of Coding language. These are the various types of source code an individual can write for a software program. You must get these skills so that you can boost the number of job opportunities you might receive, as most businesses often expect candidates to have expertise. However, choosing any language to learn should come from what aligns with your interests. Some people may work better for video game designs while others may prefer mobile application development. Other types of coding languages include: Java which is one of the most popular coding languages,  Javascript, C++, Python and  SQL


Starting or building in Software development is a great task because it is one of the professions that are highly valued, and the pressure on the market is indicated to increase dramatically in the coming decades.

Presently becoming a software developer is certainly one of the best career choices because of the huge rewards in terms of job opportunities, self-development, and personal satisfaction.

If you’re highly passionate about building a career as a software developer or looking for a creative and skilful developer team to work with.  Borderless is the right company for you.  Book a session! 

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