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  • interswitch
  • diageo

Effortlessly build your global team with Vetted Talents.

The Perfect Solution for Your Development Needs

Our thorough and strategic approach to tech talent sourcing ensures that we have the highly skilled IT professionals you need to succeed. From application architects to web developers, we have the expertise you need.

The Perfect Solution for Your Development Needs

Boost Your Revenue with Our Expert Sales Team

Our team of global sales experts has the knowledge and skills necessary to create a custom plan that can help increase your sales and drive business growth. From inside sales reps to sales development reps and mid-market we have the skills you need.

Boost Your Revenue with Our Expert Sales Team

Boost Your Brand with BorderlessHR Marketing

Our team of experienced marketing analysts offers tailored solutions to help you achieve your marketing goals, whether that means increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or improving customer engagement.

Boost Your Brand with BorderlessHR Marketing

Elevate your customer support with BorderlessHR

Our team of specialized admin and customer support professionals are here to help you manage your customer service needs and provide the best possible support to your customers.

Elevate your customer support with BorderlessHR
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The BorderlessHR Advantage:
Why Top Talents Choose Us

  • Once vetted, lifetime eligibility
  • 96% match success and job frequency
  • Long-term placements
  • Trusted career partner
  • Exclusive Support and career guidance

Why Businesses Use Us

  • Time and Cost saved in hiring qualified talents: We save time and cost by providing pre-vetted candidates, allowing businesses to hire within 72 hours.
  • Costly regulatory bottlenecks prevented: We prevent costly legal and compliance risks for businesses hiring internationally.
  • Free HR tools: We provide free HR tools, saving businesses thousands of dollars per year on SaaS tools, and improving overall HR management.
why business use us

Your one-stop solution for your HR needs.

Make a great first impression with our efficient onboarding platform that ensures new hires are set up for success from day one.


Effortlessly find and filter your employees by team, location etc. This information can be updated in real-time, ensuring that the directory remains up-to-date and accurate.


Easily visualize your organization at a glance with our org charts and it promotes communication and collaboration among different teams and employees

Org Chart

Effortlessly Manage
Employee Stock Options

stock-options solutions

And so much more...

Effortlessly Monitor and Improve Employee Productivity

Simplify your employee time tracking and attendance monitoring with our user-friendly system. With real-time reporting, managing and improving employee punctuality has never been easier. Try our system today and optimize your workforce management.

Track Spending, Manage Payments with BorderlessHR

Businesses can easily manage payments to vendors and payroll for employees. Set up recurring payments, monitor payment history, and track spending all in one convenient location. Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and hello to simplified payment management with BorderlessHR.

Simplify Your Employee Offboarding Process

Although goodbyes can be difficult, the offboarding process can be a positive and enjoyable experience. Create exit policies, match paygrades, and track the offboarding process seamlessly. Schedule and document exit interviews, and compute severance pay automatically.

Effortlessly Monitor and Improve Employee Productivity

BorderlessHR Love

Reviews from Our Thrilled Community
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Mark C
Hiring Manager

We've been working with BorderlessHR for few years now and it's been a fantastic partnership. They make the recruiting process seamless and the talent they provide is always top quality. Highly recommend to any business looking to scale

John D
Digital Marketer

I was hesitant to join another talent pool, but BorderlessHR has exceeded my expectations. They truly care about their talent and work hard to ensure a great match between the talent and the company. Highly recommend it!

Jane E
Software Developer

BorderlessHR has been a game-changer for my career. The team is incredibly supportive and they matched me with a perfect role that aligned with my goals and skill set. I couldn't be happier with my experience with BorderlessHR!