Hiring a Crypto Developer: Skills & Knowledge to Consider

The world of cryptocurrency is one that is constantly changing, growing, and evolving. As such, those who want to work in the field must be willing to constantly update their skills and knowledge. But with such a dynamic field, where do you begin when looking for a crypto developer? There are so many different aspects […]

Blockchain Developer Hiring: Guide for Startups and Enterprises

In the world of technology, there is no shortage of emerging ideas and concepts. These novelties often come in the form of a new piece of software or program, which can have an impact on other software that already exists. It’s perhaps because of this that we’ve seen such a proliferation of emerging ideas over […]

Effective Strategies for Leading A Remote team

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, the need for software becomes more acute. A McKinsey report estimates that digital-first companies have a 20% market share vs 5% for their traditional competitors. From a remote team management standpoint, this creates many challenges. As more companies are shifting to remote work, managing a software development team can […]

How Your Company Can Get The Most Out of In-House Training

With more than 140 million employees worldwide, companies are under increasing pressure to train their workforce and ensure they have the skills they need. This is why more and more organizations are turning to in-house training as a way to meet these needs. Fortunately, there are many advantages that come with training employees through programs […]

5 Video Recording Apps for More Effective Meetings

When it comes to holding group meetings, most organizations struggle with efficiency. As a result, meeting after the meeting ends up being a drag for everyone involved. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, group members start looking for ways to escape. The good news is that there are so many great apps out […]

6 AI Tools for Effortless Software Development

Software development is a challenge for any team. Developers need to balance their time between understanding the business and writing code that solves business problems effectively. End users can’t tell if your software is intuitive and easy to use, or if it’s just good enough. A lot of that has to do with the tools […]

Technical Co-Founder: How To Find The Right One For Your Startup

Co-founders are a lot of things. They’re partners, collaborators, and confidants; they’re also managers, coaches, and guides. In short, they know what it takes to run a company from the inside out. But while each co-founder may have their own special set of skills and experiences that make them the perfect fit for your startup, […]

4 Ways to Manage Remote Software Team

Today’s businesses are operating at unprecedented speed and scale. As a result, the way they do business has changed beyond recognition. Today’s businesses demand software that can fast-track work with minimal delays between iterations which would mostly require learning to manage remote software team. They also need software that integrates seamlessly with other systems and […]

Perfect Onboarding for New Hire: 5 Strategies

Creating the perfect onboarding experience for your new hire can be daunting. You want to provide them with everything they need and help ease any anxieties they may have about starting a new job. In order to create the best possible onboarding experience, you need to think about every small detail, from the way your […]

In-House Training: A Game Changer for Your Company

In-house training or corporate training programs remain a key component of the employee development process for most companies. In fact, many businesses have already built robust corporate training programs to help their employees grow and develop in their roles. However, as you probably know, not all company training programs are created equal. To fully leverage […]

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