The Best Way to Land a Software Developer Job Without Experience

Getting any kind of job without any experience in any field of career can be quite challenging, especially for a software developer job in a tech company. Most college graduates and even working professionals find it hard to get a Software Development job in an IT Giant Firm with zero experience. However, candidates with specific experience have advantages over inexperienced candidates as they believe that an experienced person would be competent with the required skills and workflow.

But wait… Do you know that you can get your dream Software Developer job without experience, especially in your dream company as well or any big tech company?  Yes, you heard me right,  all that is required of you is to work hard on the related skills and follow a strategic roadmap to build experience.

Who is a software developer? 

These are the intelligent minds behind software programs, and they acquire the specialized skills to build those programs. They develop software that allows consumers to achieve specific tasks on computer devices. Most tasks include writing a business letter, playing a game, watching a movie, building a spreadsheet and many more.  Specialized software is built or customized for practically almost all professions, industries, and government departments.

Software Developer Duties & Responsibilities

  • Monitor the quality and performance of applications through testing and maintenance.
  • Ability to create complex databases for organizations
  • Work with developers to design algorithms and flowcharts
  • Recommend and improve upgrades for existing applications

Due to how technical a developer job entails organizations already have a surplus of information out there on how to obtain software developer jobs, but much of the advice is geared toward people who have experience already. Although, work experience whether it be an internship, freelancer,  full-time job, etc. matters in getting a developer job. They consider things like relevant skill sets, hard work, consistency, and other soft skills always come first. 

Moreover, there are a lot of people who despite having zero professional experience in the development field get recognized by the tech giants and get hired as well based on their skills and commitment. Here, this article will let you know about all those methods and skill enhancements that will surely help land your dream Software Developer job with no experience.

  1. You Don’t Need to Code

Whenever people hear of tech companies, they tend to think everything about it is coding. several people forget that you don’t need to code to break into the software industry. Amazingly, there’s still some impression that software businesses are just engineers creating code in every sector.  However, the most successful tech companies usually have talented engineers, also skilful managers, customer service providers, product managers, designers, marketing wizards, writers and many more. Although you may need to sharpen your skill and experience a bit in other software areas  focusing more on SEO and digital advertising especially if you love to write. But if you’re sure you want to pursue the technical part of being a software developer, then let’s take a step ahead. 

  1. Invest in a Good Resume
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You need a good resume. That’s no negotiating factor. That’s the first important thing an employer is going to see. Even without you having any relevant experience to show, you still have to pay a lot of attention to your resume. Moreover, most employers are going to be sceptical about the skills of a junior developer with no work experience, and this puts you at risk of getting your resume rejected outright, even with your ability to code. Try your best to build a great resume, majorly since the same resume can be used to apply to many different companies.  The right resume has a great return on investment. Endeavour to include only relevant information and try to keep it on one page. 

  1. Know Your Skills 

Knowing and being good at your skills is one thing that can set you apart from other people.  I know, you might be shocked at how many people apply for positions they’re unqualified for. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have the requisite experience or degree checked. I am saying people who apply for jobs that they aren’t competent or skilful at yet or have no way to succeed at. There’s nothing an employer hates more than hiring someone who can’t do a job they said they could. So, just make sure you know how to code, and more greatly, be able to prove it. So if you know how to code, then prove it!  By answering questions and being prepared to display your ability, e. t.c

  1. Build Projects

As a software developer, no matter how simple, you should have projects you have built while still trying to get your dream jobs. Despite your work experience, companies always require you to showcase your skills during recruitment and this can be done through projects. If you have a solid portfolio of projects built by you, this will give you an edge over others using your project development.  You must know how to execute all the mastery you’ve gained about programming like programming languages, algorithms, databases, etc. Meanwhile, you can also put your projects online through GitHub and many others. Don’t forget to build a few quality projects and not plenty of projects with no quality and review your projects thoroughly before going out for interviews, questions may likely come from it. 

  1. Invest in Social Media

With the use of technology, Don’t underrate the power of social media accounts and tech blogs in your job search. Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are very important for your visibility.  Having a professional account setup can make you look the part when employers look you up. Sell yourself out there using all media tools. If your potential employer is attracted to your resume, they’re going to Google your name. When they do, endeavour they should find things you’ve learned and built during your software development journey. You can also have a blog about your work and put your Open-source projects, personal endeavours, or even school assignments, all these can show up when your name is Googled, and make sure that they do. 

  1. Get An Internship
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If you’re in university, or just finished college. Look out for internships.  The process is almost like getting a full-time position. An application and a few rounds of behavioural and technical interviews will be conducted. Most internships are often converted to full-time positions through a return offer. Go out there and get yourself an offer. 

  1. Networking

This is one of the skills you can’t ignore as a software developer. Networking, and talking to people can change your career life within a few seconds. You can network through meetups, tech conferences and shows.  

If you are a beginner and you feel shy about talking in meetings, relax. No one is going to suddenly call you out in the middle of the crowd and ask you to speed code a new app live in front of everyone to prove you belong there! 

Networking will help you get to see the tech community up close, and you’ll hear some discussions, even if it all sounds gibberish to you. However, you’ll meet people and that is the most important thing which can help you get that job.

  1. Prepare Yourself

If you have followed everything discussed above, the possibilities are that you’ve got an interview. Great!  Be sure you’re prepared for it. A smart interviewer is going to test you, and since you have no experience, your chances are limited. Above all don’t forget to look presentable, work on eye contact, practise speaking into a camera and be confident. But the most important thing is to be ready for any technical questions you may be asked.  Study up, practice, make sure you’re educated about the language the employer uses, and be prepared to prove it. If you are asked a question you aren’t familiar with during the interview, admit that you’re unfamiliar with the tool and assure your interviewer that you’re willing to learn about it. I know from familiar experience that an acceptable readiness to learn is much more valuable to an employee than any amount of experience.  Don’t forget to give it all! 


Indeed, getting a Software Developer job without any experience can be quite tough but not impossible. So, just follow the steps mentioned, work on your skills, and break into the field of software development. Borderless hires software developers. We want to work with you and have you on our team in whatever category you may fit in as a junior, senior or full-stack developer.  Borderless is the right company for you, we have highly passionate and skilled developers on our team.

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