ESG-Powered Workforce

Build a Future-Ready Workforce

Attract, Manage, and Engage an ESG-Powered Workforce

Struggling to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Growing Business?

We understand. That's why we built a simple, all-in-one HR software specifically designed to:

The Power of Three: Attract, Manage & Engage

Attract Top Talent.

Showcase your commitment to ESG with clear messaging and initiatives. Highlight your environmental practices, diversity & inclusion efforts, and ethical business conduct. This attracts talent who share your values and are passionate about making a positive impact.

Manage Your Workforce

Integrate ESG principles into your talent management processes. Develop training programs that equip employees with the skills to contribute to sustainability goals. Foster a culture of transparency and accountability, ensuring your ESG commitment is felt across all levels of the organization.

Engage Your Employees Meaningfully.

Empower employees to be active participants in your ESG journey. Provide opportunities for volunteering, green initiatives within the workplace, and recognition for ESG achievements. A sense of purpose strengthens employee engagement and reduces turnover.

Our Approach: Building an ESG-Powered Workforce

An ESG-Powered workforce is not just a program for us, it is the DNA of our product. Here are some ways we can help you build and manage an ESG-focused workforce:

Talent Acquisition with ESG Focus

We know that finding already qualified and vetted candidates can be difficult; so we helped you to solve this challenge with a curated pool of candidates to source from

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

Foster a welcoming and inclusive work environment that empowers all employees to thrive. We automatically measure your workforce by their DEI distribution so that it’s easy for you to create balance.

ESG Training and Development

We support you by equipping your workforce with the knowledge and skills to contribute to your ESG goals. This includes training on sustainability practices, ethical business conduct, and social responsibility initiatives.

ESG Performance Management

Integrate ESG metrics into your performance management system to track progress and hold everyone accountable. We help you to identify the right metrics to track for every job role to make your work easier

Employee Volunteering and Social Impact Programs

Get access to our vetted partner programs made available for your employees to make a positive difference in their communities.

Talent Carbon Neutrality

We help you track and offset the carbon footprint associated with your talent acquisition and management processes

Beyond Talent: Achieve Carbon Neutrality

A truly ESG-powered workforce extends to reducing your talent acquisition and management footprint. Here's how:

Virtual Recruitment Events

Hiring the wrong person can disrupt the foundation of your business. That’s why you should not compromise on getting the right-fit candidate that also shares your cultural values.

Cloud-Based Onboarding

Utilize cloud-based tools for a paperless onboarding process, minimizing paper waste.

Green Office Initiatives

Implement sustainable practices in your workspace, such as energy-efficient equipment and recycling programs.

Remote Work Options

Offer flexible work arrangements to decrease employee commuting emissions.

Take the first step towards a greener, climate neutral future

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We've been working with BorderlessHR for some time now and it's been a fantastic partnership. They make the recruiting process seamless and the talent they provide is always top quality. Highly recommend to any business looking to scale.

John D
Hiring Manager

BorderlessHR is a user-friendly platform that provides a comprehensive HR solution. Their customer support team is always available to help. Highly recommended!

Karen T

Managing our international team is now a breeze thanks to BorderlessHR's user-friendly platform and knowledgeable team.

Najeem E
Human Resource Manager

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