Boost Hybrid Workspace Productivity: 4 Proven Methods to Try Today

Boost productivity in hybrid workspace: use task mgmt platforms, video conferencing, email/chat apps, central document storage.

The hybrid workplace has become a popular trend in the workplace. An increasing number of companies are joining forces to offer their employees access to the benefits of both remote working and co-working environments. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that there are now an abundance of ways to make a hybrid workspace more productive for your team. From improving collaboration and communication with video conferencing software and task management platforms to streamlining administrative tasks so that everyone can access official company documents. Let’s take a look at what makes a hybrid workspace productive and how you can implement these features into your own company culture.

Build a task management platform

Whether you’re looking to improve communication and collaboration or simply want to enable your team with a more efficient way to manage their tasks, a task management platform can help. These tools connect your team members and enable them to share documents, track deadlines, assign tasks and keep everything organized. Using a team task management platform has a number of benefits for your company’s productivity, for example;

  • Better Communication and Collaboration – When team members can easily share documents, assign tasks and track deadlines, it makes it easier to communicate and collaborate. This can save time and enable your team to take on more complex projects.
  • More Effective Project Management – With a task management platform, you can enable your team with a more effective way to manage their projects. This can enable you to monitor deadlines, assign tasks, and track progress on projects. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency – Like any tool, using a task management platform comes with some challenges. However, with the right software, you can reap the benefits of better communication and collaboration, more effective project management, and enhanced efficiency. Some of the tools you can use to achieve these are Trello, ClickUp, Planoly e.t.c.
  • Hack your workspace with video conferencing software
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Video conferencing software is a great tool to use when you want to bring your remote team members together. With the right software, you can enable your remote workers to communicate face-to-face, and even collaborate on projects from wherever they are. You don’t have to use expensive software to get this done, however. There are a number of free tools that enable you to create a digital “office” where your remote workers can communicate and collaborate. If you’re looking to get your remote team members on the same page, you can use tools like Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom for business. If you want to enable your remote workers to work together on projects, you can use tools like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Sheets, or Evernote as a collaborative platform.

Streamline team communication with email and chat apps

One of the biggest challenges that teams face when they’re working remotely is the difficulty of keeping communication flowing. This can be especially challenging when you’re trying to communicate with remote team members who are located outside of your office environment. To optimize communication between remote workers, you can enable them to communicate regularly using email and chat apps. With these tools, your remote workers can set up a series of “chats” to discuss their day, ask questions, and clarify ideas. With the right tools, your remote team members can also set up regular email “sessions” that enable them to communicate and keep each other on track with deadlines. There are a number of email apps that enable your remote workers to communicate regularly. Some of these include Mailchimp, Gmail, iCloud, and HubSpot.

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Organize centralized storage and document-sharing system for the entire organization.

This will enable remote workers to have easy access to documents and information. They will not have to wait for emails or call people to get information. This will also cut down on unnecessary emails and phone calls. One of the best tools to use for this is google drive. Old documents can also be archived in a central location for future reference.

As you can see, making a hybrid workspace more productive doesn’t have to be difficult. With a little planning and creativity, you can make your remote workers feel as engaged and productive as if they were working from the office.

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